The Horizon Suite 2018

John Beckelman 6.18

Artist Statement: the Horizon Suite

This suite of six works may be thought of as dimensional landscape ‘horizons’. Using the expressive potential of clay and a variety of other materials, the work explores that liminal space where the sky meets the land or the sea. The horizontal sweep of this space is mediated by intimate moments of shifting light, fleeting color and surprising texture.

At the same time, this work attempts to gently entice the viewer into the inner landscapes and interior spaces of our imagination and memory.

The medium is clay (stabilized with oil and acrylic binders) and a variety of mixed materials on wood. The mixed materials include metal, glass, plexiglass, canvass, ceramic tile, brass and steel rod, oil and acrylic paints, prismacolor pencil, powdered pigments, wax, steel cable, fittings and gold leaf.

There is for me a curious intersection between the enduring, seemingly timeless, character of earth (and clay) and the fleeting, yet wonderful, impermanence of phenomena in the world in which we live.